ASX makes ASX Operating Rule and ASX Settlement Operating Rule amendments to facilitate ETP naming convention updates

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Notice reference number: 0254.24.03
Date published: 14/03/24
Effective as of: 15/03/24
Last updated: 14/03/24

Notice Content

ASX Operating Rules and ASX Settlement Operating Rules – Amendments to facilitate updated ETP naming guidance.

What's changing?

On 30 November 2023, ASX published a response to consultation feedback regarding proposed amendments to the ASX Operating Rules, ASX Operating Rules Procedures and ASX Settlement Operating Rules to:

•      implement ASIC’s revised INFO 230 expectations regarding ETP naming conventions;

•      provide a clear transitional framework for existing AQUA Product Issuers for the migration of existing AQUA Products to the new naming convention; and

•      make other consequential structural enhancements and
tidy-up amendments to Schedule 10A of the ASX Operating Rules (AQUA Rules).

The Rule and Procedure amendments have now received regulatory clearance
and ASX confirms that they will become effective on Monday, 15 April 2024.

The amendments are unchanged from the form of the amendments included in the response to consultation, other than for identifying their commencement
date as 15 April 2024 (replacing certain placeholders - refer to Notes to Rules
10A.5.1(a) and 10A.5.1(a) and Rule 10A.11.1).

A copy of the amendments to the;

  • ASX Operating Rules is available here,
  • ASX Operating Rules Procedures is available here and
  • ASX Settlement Operating Rules is available here 

Effective Date

These changes will become effective on and from 15 April 2024.

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Garth Riddell
General Manager, Listings Compliance

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