Electronic delivery of CHESS holding statements and notifications: Launch date confirmation

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Notice reference number: 1723.21.11
Date published: 29/11/21
Effective as of: 13/12/21
Last updated: 29/11/21

Further to market notice 1572.21.11 ASX is pleased to confirm 13 December 2021 as the go-live date of electronic CHESS statements and notifications (“electronic communications”).

To support the launch of electronic communications, ASX will be making amendments to the ASX Settlement Procedure Guidelines (APGs).

A copy of these amendments are available here.

The APG updates together with the ASX Settlement Operating Rules Procedure changes referred to in market notice 1572.21.11 will become effective on and from the go-live date of 13 December 2021.

A copy of the Procedure changes is available here.

What do I need to do by when?

ASX confirms that as of the 13 December 2021, any valid MT 201 or 203 messages containing email address value and email purpose of values of A or B will be treated as an opt-in for the electronic communications service.

Participants should also note that in the event of a change in controlling participant, impacted HINs will retain the current communication preference. This would include any values contained within the Email Address and Email Purpose fields of the HIN registration detail. The incoming participant will be responsible for reviewing and making relevant updates using CHESS messages.

With reference to ASX Settlement Operating Rule 8.18.2, participants must satisfy themselves that they have the appropriate systems and processes in place to manage any customer requests to update registration details, including email address and email purpose.

More details around the technical requirements of electronic delivery of CHESS holding statements and notifications can be found in the Technical and Process factsheet.

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