Changes to ASX 24 Rule Procedures to allow the inclusion of Equity ETPs within ASX’s EFP offering

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Notice reference number: 0602.21.05
Date published: 11/05/21
Effective as of: 07/06/21
Last updated: 11/05/21

ASX participants and users are advised of changes being made to ASX 24 Rule Procedure 4800 – Exchange for Physical.

The changes are being introduced to allow Australian equity ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) to be exchanged for listed Australian equity futures.

This change has been requested by a number of market users making inventory management more efficient and to also reduce costs for Delta 1 traders.

The go-live date for this change is Monday 7 June 2021.

ASX has made the following amendments to ASX 24 Rule Procedures to accommodate this enhancement: see attachment

What do I need to do by when?

Participants and end users should familiarise themselves with the amendments to ASX 24 Rule Procedures and make any necessary process enhancements to accommodate the change.

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Gregory Pill – Head of Equity Derivative Products

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Gregory Pill
+61 (02)  9227 0696