Austraclear System Service Release – scheduled for 23 November 2020

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Notice reference number: 0563.20.06
Date published: 03/06/20
Effective as of: 23/11/20
Last updated: 06/08/20

Austraclear Service Release 10

The purpose of this notice is to advise participants that the Austraclear Service Release 10 is scheduled for 23 November 2020.

Participants should be aware that there will be a new Austraclear GUI within the release and weekend testing by Participants will be required. Further details will be provided by Austraclear later in the year in respect of proposed timing for weekend testing. 

The key changes within Austraclear Service Release 10 will include:

  • Replacement of SWIFT single message method with SWIFT two message market practice for Market Repo instruction

  • SWIFT enhancement for deferred settlement:

    • Ability to undefer transactions

    • Additional method to defer transaction (PREA – pre advice)

  • Any required updates for SWIFT 2020 release 

Further communication on proposed Market Repo process enhancements planned for November will follow in due course.

What do I need to do by when?

Participants should refer to the below technical specifications to understand any actions required ahead of deployment of Austraclear Service Release 10:

Should you have additional queries, please contact us below for further information.

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Brendan Laird, Senior Manager Settlement Operations

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Any enquiries should be directed through to the Austraclear and ASX Collateral Service Desk on 1300 362 257 or via email to