Technology Upgrade Release Notice - July 2020

What's this about:
Notice reference number: 0873.20.07
Date published: 31/07/20
Effective as of: 31/07/20
Last updated: 31/07/20

This notice contains updated information on ASX Technology releases scheduled for the following 6 to 12 months. Additionally, information about major releases in the period beyond 12 months is also provided.

This includes any Mandatory, Enhancement and Informational releases. Information on releases that took place in the past two quarters is also included in the notice.

Summary information is included in the attached document:

Technology Upgrade Release Notice - July 2020

What do I need to do by when?

The attached document contains a list of scheduled releases. This can be used to plan for scheduled technology upgrades.

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ASX Technology

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Service Group Contact
Future (ASX24) Market and Equities (ASX) Market Richard Atkins, General Manager, Trading and Market Access +61 2 9227 0028
Clearing and Settlement Services

CHESS Replacement - Cliff Richards, EGM, Equity Post Trade, +61 2 9227 0050


Austraclear – Philip Joyce, General Manager, ASX Collateral & Austraclear Settlement Services +61 2 9227 0782


Derivatives Clearing System – Candice Trevenna, Product Manager, CCP Clearing, Derivatives & OTC Markets +61 2 9227 0595 


Digital - Lachlan Hardy, Senior Manager, Digital Product Owner, +61 2 9227 0087  


Market Announcements Function – Ben Jackson, General Manager, Market, Clearing & Settlement Operations +61 2 9227 0897


Issuer Services - Karen Webb, Senior Manager, Equity Post Trade Services, +61 2 9227 0445

Infrastructure Secondary Data Centre Relocation - David Glavin, General Manager, Technology Infrastructure, +61 2 9227 0671