Amendments to the ASX Clear Operating Rules Procedures – Non-cash collateral form (C3)

What's this about:
Notice reference number: 0149.20.02
Date published: 21/02/20
Effective as of: 28/02/20
Last updated: 21/02/20

Minor changes are being made to the Form C3 (Transfer of Collateral between Participants) in Annexure 2 of the ASX Clear Operating Rule Procedures to:

  • update the relevant email address for clearing participants to send these forms to; and
  • remove the requirement for a clearing participant to include their broker stamp on these forms.

Please note, the Form C3 must be signed by an Authorised Signatory of the clearing participant.

What do I need to do by when?

From the effective date, please use the updated Form C3. 

Effective Date

These amendments are proposed to become effective on 28 February 2020.

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Clearing Products Operations, ASX

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T: 1800 240 033