The new ASX Online

The new ASX Online

Last year we let you know that ASX Online is changing (Notices 0792.15.07 and 1418.15.11). In early 2016 we will be delivering a new website underpinned by new technology, design and an improved user experience.

The website will deliver an improved range of features and services enabling you to perform tasks with confidence, ease and speed.

These include:

  • A new, intuitive homepage, tailored to your role
  • An optimised search experience that provides streamlined access to notices, rules, procedures and other ASX published content
  • A personalised subscription feed to track notices and communications, including ASX24 notices and market events such as non-settlement days
  • A new digital channel to lodge and manage service queries with ASX
  • An easy way to register for ASX events and seminars
  • An efficient way to perform key regulatory functions e.g. Short Selling Reports
  • Improved password functionality

In short, the new ASX Online will deliver a significantly improved user experience.


More information

  • Watch the video to view the new ASX Online. Coming soon...

  • ASX’s new B2B portal for Technical Services and ALC customers. Coming soon...


    What do I need to do and by when?

    We will reach out to you in the lead-up to the launch date to let you know what these changes mean for you. We will be asking you to perform some specific tasks such as confirming your account and reviewing your preferences.

    Need more information?

    Eloise Wett
    Executive General Manager, Customer Experience