ASX Online new identity system FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I forget my password?

ASX Online customers can reset their passwords by completing the ‘Forgot my password’ workflow.


How do I change my password?

ASX Online customers can change their passwords by completing the ‘Change my password’ workflow.


How do I access support?

  • For participant customers, please contact your ASX Compliance Adviser or ASX customer service if you have any questions.
  • For ALC and technical services customers, please contact your ASX Business Development Manager directly or email
  • For ASX credential services customers, please contact the ASX Customer Technical Support team on or 1800 663 053 or internationally +61 2 9227 0372.


What happens if I have an existing Investor Portal account?

If your Investor Portal account uses the same email address as your ASX Online account, then you will be able to login to ASX Online using your Investor Portal login details from 14 March.


Why do the new login screens look different to ASX Online?

ASX will gradually roll out its new identity system to ASX websites and portals over time. The new identity system is using the same look and feel as the ASX Public website. Eventually the look and feel of other ASX websites and portals will be updated to align.


How many devices can I use to access ASX Online?

You can access ASX Online on up to four devices such as your tablet, phone and laptop/desktop computer.


What do I do if my welcome invitation has expired?

If the ASX welcome invitation email has expired, please follow the Forgot Password workflow to set-up a new password.


Do I need to log on using the new system by a specific date?

ASX would like customers to login to ASX Online before 30 June to create their new passwords and confirm their accounts.


What password rules do I need to follow?

  • Must be 8-64 characters long;
  • Must not be a phrase that is flagged as unsuitable (e.g. for use as security password;
  • Must not contain more than three consecutive identical characters;
  • Must not contain more than three consecutive sequential characters (e.g. “1234”, “ABCD” and “AbCd”); and
  • Must not contain the username, given name, or family name.


Can I choose the same password that I use now?

Yes, you can use choose to use your existing ASX Online password provided it meets ASX password requirements.


How do I switch between entities?

Users with multiple entities can switch between entities by signing out and signing back in and selecting the entity they want to represent.


How do I unlock my account?

Accounts will be locked for six hours if an ASX Online customer enters a valid email address with an invalid password six consecutive times over a rolling six-hour window. If a customer attempts to login during the lockout period, they will be presented with an error message and will not progress past this login page. There are two ways for a user can have their user account unlocked:

  1. Wait for the lockout period (six hours) to elapse; or
  2. Reset their password per the ‘Forgot password’ process.


Is ASX Online Companies included in these changes?

No, not for this release. ASX will continue to roll out enhancements to other websites and portals over time.


Do I still need to use my existing user name and password for other ASX websites?

Yes, you will still need to use your existing user names and passwords for ASX Online Companies, Trade Accept, RLM, Static Data Portal, Margin Simulator, Margin Control and Flex Clear.