Instructions for existing ASX Online customers


Existing ASX Online customers - confirm your account and set a new password

When ASX Online customers first login to ASX Online from Monday 14 March, they will need to complete the following process to re-confirm their account and create a new password.

Step 1: Login to ASX Online using your existing ASX Online user name and password. From Monday 12 March, existing ASX Online users that click ‘Sign-in’ on ASX Online right hand menu will be taken to a new login screen. Please note that this change is applicable for Participants, Technical Services, AMO and Credential Services customers. There is no change to the login process for other customers.


Step 2: Enter your existing ASX Online email address and password on the new login screen.


Step 3: A message will prompt to set-up a new password by following the ‘Forgot password’ workflow where customers will create their new password. Customers can choose to re-use their existing passwords provided it complies with the ASX password policy.


Step 4: Enter your email address and click on the ‘Reset my password’ button.


Step 5: If there is an ASX account associated with this email address, then a link will be emailed to you requesting that you create a new password.


Step 6: Click on the ‘Reset password’ button in the email that you receive. Please note that this link will expire after 30 minutes and you will need to repeat this process from the beginning.


Step 7: After clicking on the ‘Reset password’ button in the email you will be taken to the ‘Reset password’ screen. Please enter a new password in compliance with the ASX password policy.

  • Must be 8-64 characters long;
  • Must not be a phrase that is flagged as unsuitable (e.g. for use as security password;
  • Must not contain more than three consecutive identical characters;
  • Must not contain more than three consecutive sequential characters (e.g. “1234”, “ABCD” and “AbCd”); and
  • Must not contain the username, given name, or family name.


Step 8: After your password has been successfully changed, please click on the ‘Login’ button to navigate back to the login page.


Step 9: After you have successfully confirmed your ASX Online account you will receive a ‘Device registration’ email. Customers can register up to four devices at any given time and will receive an email notification each time a new device is registered.


For existing Investor Portal account holders

Please note that if you have an existing Investor Portal account, ASX will automatically detect that account attached to your email address. You can use your Investor Portal account to login to ASX Online from Monday 14 March 2022.