Information Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Information Services?

To succeed in the market place you need direct access to the most accurate and timely information available. With ASX technology and resources, we can provide objective company and stock market information through a range of products and services to support your business. ASX Information Services is the source, with market data derived directly from the equities and derivatives trading systems as well as company reports and announcements lodged with the ASX.

What is ASX Online - Information Services?

ASX Online Information Services is an innovative B2B site from ASX, developed to meet your needs by providing information efficiently and cost-effectively. The site offers subscribers fast access to products and information while maintaining security through unique user names and passwords. 

How to automate downloading?

If you are subscribing to products such as ReferencePoint, providing hourly snapshots of the market, or files generated in the middle of the night, you might like to consider automating the process of downloading the files. To facilitate this process, ASX developed a Java based application that can be scheduled to run at predetermined times and download product from ASX Online Information Services to your own environment.