ASX New Zealand Base Load Electricity Futures – Settlement Prices for August 2021 Monthly and September 2021 Quarterly Contracts

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Notice reference number: 0387.24.04
Date published: 16/04/24
Effective as of: 16/04/24
Last updated: 16/04/24

Further to ASX Notice 1516.21.10 Clearing Participants and Market Participants are advised that ASX Clear (Futures) has determined that there will be no adjustment made to settlement prices of the New Zealand Base Load Electricity Futures contracts for Otahuhu  and Benmore August 2021 Monthly, and September 2021 Quarterly Contracts. Therefore, no cash adjustments will be made to Clearing Participants.

ASX has taken into consideration it’s regulatory obligations as well as the duration in time since the contracts settled and expired on ASX Clear (Futures). In supporting this decision, ASX determined it would not be in the best interests of a fair, orderly or transparent (FOT) market, nor a fair and effective (FE) CS Facility to make any adjustments, with consideration also given to any potential risks to the effectiveness of the underlying hedging market. 

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