Updated ASX Clear Operating Rules Guidance Note 13: Managing Liquidity Requirements

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Notice reference number: 0520.22.05
Date published: 09/05/22
Effective as of: 09/05/22
Last updated: 09/05/22

ASX is updating ASX Clear Operating Rules Guidance Note 13 Managing Liquidity Requirements.

The update makes it clear that a participant’s liquidity management arrangements addressed in Guidance Note 13 must be implemented in a way that would not result in the participant failing to meet any of its legal or regulatory obligations.

A marked up version of the updated Guidance Note is available here.


What do I need to do by when?

All ASX Clear participants that are subject to the liquidity management requirements in Guidance Note 13 are expected to comply with the requirements of the Guidance Note.

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Colm Grace,
General Manager, Clearing Risk Policy & Management

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