ASX Market and CS Facilities – Package of Miscellaneous Procedure Amendments

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Notice reference number: 1756.21.12
Date published: 02/12/21
Effective as of: 24/01/22
Last updated: 02/12/21

Effective 24 January 2022 ASX will implement a package of miscellaneous procedure amendments across the ASX markets and CS facilities. The amendments have been made to:

·       update references to the ASIC Market Integrity Rules;

·       replace good fame and character with fit and proper person and align with ASIC’s Regulatory Guides;

·       recognise the admission of a participant to another ASX market or CS facility for business integrity purposes;

·       update methods of notification to reflect current practice via ASX Online;

·       align BCP testing requirements across the rules of the ASX CS facilities for consistency; and

·       correct other minor inaccuracies.

This package contributes towards the five year rolling rulebook review process that ASX has implemented to identify rules and procedures that need to be updated or aligned between rulebooks.

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Please see the attached procedure amendment package here.

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Nikki Swinson
GM, Participants Compliance

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Bill Woods, Manager Policy and Advisory
Participants Compliance
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