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Notice reference number: 0792.19.08
Date published: 05/08/19
Effective as of: 05/08/19
Last updated: 05/08/19

Following a period of consultation with participants, ASX is updating its guidance on business continuity and disaster recovery. Notice 0173.19.03 advised of consultation on proposed amendments to Guidance Note 1 Admission as a Participant and Guidance Note 10 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

The changes to Guidance Note 1 are relevant to participants in ASX Clear, ASX Clear (Futures) and ASX Settlement (other than specialist settlement participants). The changes clarify the risk management framework obligations for ASX Clear, ASX Settlement and ASX Clear (Futures) participants to specifically incorporate cyber risk as a key consideration. (Other, consequential amendments cover all participations – ie including ASX and ASX 24 – and relate to the repeal of class order exemptions for foreign financial services providers referred to in the footnotes to section ‘3.3 AFSL.’)

The changes to Guidance Note 10 are relevant to participants in ASX Clear, ASX Clear (Futures), ASX Settlement (other than specialist settlement participants) and Austraclear (other than collateral manager special purpose participants, foreign currency settlement bank participants and special purpose participants permissioned for cash only transactions).

ASX’s response to the consultation paper is available here.

Revised Guidance Note 10 are available for ASX Clear, ASX Settlement, ASX Clear (Futures) and Austraclear and revised Guidance Note 1 are available for ASX, ASX Clear, ASX Settlement, ASX 24 and ASX Clear (Futures).  These can all be accessed here.

Marked up versions of Guidance Note 10 are available on the following links for ASX Clear, ASX Settlement, ASX Clear (Futures) and Austraclear.

What do I need to do by when?

We encourage you to read the revised Guidance Notes and the ASX response to consultation which outlines the key changes and transition arrangements for existing participants.

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