Sydney Airport Limited (ASX code: SYD) - Removal of FOR EXCLUDED U.S. PERSON PROHIBITED tag

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Notice reference number: 0969.18.08
Date published: 31/08/18
Effective as of: 07/09/18
Last updated: 31/08/18

In accordance with ASX Settlement Operating Rule 5.18.9(a), Sydney Airport Limited (ASX:SYD) (Issuer) has requested removal of the FOR “Excluded U.S. Person Prohibited” tag from its stapled securities (Financial Products). As a result, the description of the Issuer’s FOR Financial Product in Procedures - Schedule 1 to the ASX Settlement Operating Rules (SOR) will be updated.

ASX Settlement hereby provides notice that the FOR “Excluded U.S. Person Prohibited” designation tag will be removed on Friday, 07 September 2018.The Financial Products will remain on Schedule 1 as FOR Financial Products with regards to total foreign aggregate ownership requirements.




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Sydney Airport Limited

Fully Paid Stapled Securities


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